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Zimphnode Ore

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Zimphnode Ore
Zimphnode Ore.png
Zimphnode Ore
Zimphnode Ore
In Game
Blast Resistance

Yes (64)
First Seen

Zimphnode (zimf-node) is an ore that is found underground. The texture was a random green with an effect from photoshop put on it. MCE liked it and kept it. The block, despite it looking like a mineral block, generates like this as an ore, and gives off light.

This ore requires a stone pick or better to mine. When mined, it drops the ore which you shove into a furnace to get the zimphnode bar, which is fuel for the ZNG. There is somewhat a meme from this saying; "No one really knows what this is". There is an achievement and even a shirt with that on it.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Mine it!

Usage[edit | edit source]

As a Smelting Ingredient[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Smelting recipe

Zimphnode Bar

Zimphnode Ore +
Any fuel

Zimphnode Ore
Grid Any fuel.png

Grid Zimphnode Bar.png

Natural Occurrence[edit | edit source]

Zimphnode occurs around layers 1-30 from bedrock. On average, there are about 5 ore veins in a chuck. The ore veins contain about 1 to 4 ore blocks.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

IconAchievementIn-game descriptionPrerequisitesOtherVersion Added
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Zimphnode.pngZimphnodeNo one really knows what this is...Getting an Upgrade15w11a/Beta 2.0

History[edit | edit source]

Official Release
2.015w11aAdded zimphnode.
15w18aA stone pick is now needed to mine this ore.
Less generation.
17w11aChanged texture for zimphnode ore.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Was added for no reason at first, just a random name MCE came up with.
  • A somewhat of a meme came from it of; "No one really know what this is". It's on an achievement and even a shirt.
  • Later it was made as a fuel for the ZNG, which is a generator that makes power that other tech block (Like matter condenser, tank compressor, biofuel extractor, etc.) will need to run off of.
  • The green texture seems to fit it.
  • CrazyGuy had the idea of making it into armor before it was decided it would be used as a fuel.