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Grid Willow Wood.png Grid Ebony Wood.png Grid Silkwood.png Grid Gelid Wood.png
In Game
Blast Resistance

Yes (64)
First Seen
Beta 1.5

Wood is a natural block that generates usually as a part of trees. This block can also be crafted into planks, and is a fundamental part for the game. Wood is also flammable.

There is currently 3 new types of wood. Willow, which took the texture of Oak wood and made it darker. Ebony, which on the outside look like normal oak, but the inside is black. And Silkwood, which is a white wood.

Wood from different trees will create different types of wood planks.

You can smelt the wood into charcoal. The mod logs can also rotate like the normal logs. Willow trees generate in willow forests, ebony trees generate in ebony forests and silkwood trees generate in silkwood forests.


Wood can be chopped by hand, but it is faster to use an axe.

Naturally generated

Wood blocks generate naturally as a part of trees. The types of trees depends on the biome:

  • Willow trees generate in willow forests.
  • Ebony trees generate in ebony forests.
  • Silkwood trees generate in silkwood forests.

For normal wood, they can also be found in villages, and in swamp huts/witch huts. But, for the mod, they only generate in their biomes. It is heard that in the future, villages and huts might generate with more types of woods.

From sapling

If there is enough light present, a sapling is capable of growing into a tree after a certain amount of time, or, if bomemealed, almost instantly. This makes wood a renewable resource. Saplings can even grow in the Nether and the End.


Wood blocks are often crafted into planks for builds, or for further crafting. In addition, wood can be smelted in a furnace to obtain charcoal.

As a crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Willow Planks

Willow Wood

Ebony Planks

Ebony Wood

Silkwood Planks


Gelid Planks

Gelid Wood

As a smelting ingredient

Name Ingredients Smelting recipe


Willow Wood or
Ebony Wood or
Silkwood or
Gelid Wood +
Any fuel

Grid Willow Wood.pngGrid Ebony Wood.pngGrid Silkwood.pngGrid Gelid Wood.png
Grid Any fuel.png

As a fuel

Wood logs can be used as fuel in furnaces, smelting 1.5 item per block. However, it is more efficient to craft the planks. Each of the 4 planks do the same as the logs, with a total of smelting 6 items.


IconAchievementIn-game descriptionPrerequisitesOtherVersion Added
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Willow Wood.pngMore Woods?!Get any of the mod woodsTaking InventoryObtain either the willow, ebony, silkwood or gelid logs to get the achievement. Also unlocks the normal minecraft wood achievement.15w11a/Beta 2.0


1.5Added willow wood.
1.6Willow wood stopped being rotatable.
1.7Willow wood can now burn up.
1.9Changed name from "Willow Log" to "Willow Wood".
Rotatable again.
Official Release
2.015w11aAdded ebony wood.
Added silkwood.
Added achievement; "More Woods?!"
16w08aAdded gelid wood.


Bug; Beta 1.5 - Beta 1.6: Willow wood doesn't burn.
Bug; Beta 1.7 - Beta 1.8: Willow wood doesn't rotate.


  • The texture of the willow log was taken from the oak wood, and put into photoshop where the "levels" were changed.
  • The name of the first log was originally called "Willow Log". It was then changed to "Willow Wood" in Beta 1.9.
  • When the first new type of log was added, it didn't burn when set on fire. That was eventually fixed in Beta 1.7.
  • For some reason, in Beta 1.6 & Beta 1.7, the willow wood stopped rotating. Then was fixed in Beta 1.9.
  • Silkwood was a name of a chemist, and MCE heard it and thought it sounded nice for a type of wood in the mod.
  • Ebony wood is real, and looks like a normal brown tree on the outside but the inside is black.