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Wall Part
Wall Parts.gif
Grid Stone Wall Part.png Grid Cobblestone Wall Part.png Grid Mossy Cobblestone Wall Part.png Grid Sandstone Wall Part.png Grid Obsidian Wall Part.png Grid Cement Wall Part.png Grid Cement Brick Wall Part.png Grid Stonebrick Wall Part.png Grid Brick Wall Part.png Grid Coal Wall Part.png Grid Snow Wall Part.png Grid Nether Brick Wall Part.png Grid Quartz Wall Part.png Grid Oak Wall Part.png Grid Birch Wall Part.png Grid Spruce Wall Part.png Grid Jungle Wall Part.png Grid Acacia Wall Part.png Grid Dark Oak Wall Part.png Grid Willow Wall Part.png Grid Ebony Wall Part.png Grid Silkwood Wall Part.png Grid Gelid Wall Part.png
In Game
Yes (64)
First Seen

The wall parts were added for the crafting of wooden walls. But are now used for crafting all the mod walls. These are actually custom modeled items.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Stone Wall Part

Stick +

Cobblestone Wall Part

Cobblestone +

Mossy Cobblestone Wall Part

Moss Stone +

Sandstone Wall Part

Stick +
Sandstone or
Smooth Sandstone or
Chiseled Sandstone

Obsidian Wall Part

Obsidian +

Cement Wall Part

Cement +

Cement Brick Wall Part

Cement Bricks +

Stonebrick Wall Part

Stick +
Stone Bricks or
Cracked Stone Bricks or
Mossy Stone Bricks or
Chiseled Stone Bricks

Brick Wall Part

Bricks +

Coal Wall Part

Block of Coal +

Snow Wall Part

Snow +

Nether Brick Wall Part

Nether Brick +

Quartz Wall Part

Stick +
Block of Quartz or
Pillar Quartz Block or
Chiseled Quartz Block

Oak Wall Part

Oak Wood Planks +

Birch Wall Part

Birch Wood Planks +
Birch Stick

Spruce Wall Part

Spruce Wood Planks +
Spruce Stick

Jungle Wall Part

Jungle Wood Planks +
Jungle Stick

Acacia Wall Part

Acacia Wood Planks +
Acacia Stick

Dark Oak Wall Part

Dark Oak Wood Planks +
Dark Oak Stick

Willow Wall Part

Willow Planks +
Willow Stick

Ebony Wall Part

Ebony Planks +
Ebony Stick

Silkwood Wall Part

Silkwood Planks +
Silkwood Stick

Gelid Wall Part

Gelid Planks +
Gelid Stick

Usage[edit | edit source]

They are only used in making the walls.

As a Crafting Ingredient[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Oak Wood Wall

Birch Wood Wall

Spruce Wood Wall

Jungle Wood Wall

Acacia Wood Wall

Dark Oak Wood Wall

Willow Wood Wall

Ebony Wood Wall

Silkwood Wood Wall

Gelid Wood Wall

Oak Wall Part or
Birch Wall Part or
Spruce Wall Part or
Jungle Wall Part or
Acacia Wall Part or
Dark Oak Wall Part or
Willow Wall Part or
Ebony Wall Part or
Silkwood Wall Part or
Gelid Wall Part

Stone Wall

Cobblestone Wall

Mossy Cobblestone Wall

Sandstone Wall

Obsidian Wall

Cement Wall

Cement Brick Wall

Snow Wall

Nether Brick Wall

Stone Brick Wall

Brick Wall

Quartz Wall

Coal Wall

Stone Wall Part or
Cobblestone Wall Part or
Mossy Cobblestone Wall Part or
Sandstone Wall Part or
Obsidian Wall Part or
Cement Wall Part or
Cement Brick Wall Part or
Snow Wall Part or
Nether Brick Wall Part or
Stonebrick Wall Part or
Brick Wall Part or
Quartz Wall Part or
Coal Wall Part

History[edit | edit source]

Official Release
2.015w11aAdded oak, birch, spruce, jungle, willow, ebony and silkwood wooden wall parts.
15w22aAdded acacia and dark oak wooden wall parts.
15w49aAdded cement, cement brick, stone, cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, obsidian, sandstone, brick, nether brick, coal, quartz, and snow wall parts.
16w08aAdded gelid wooden wall part.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Was added for the crafting of the wooden walls.
  • They are actually custom modeled items.