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Uranium Ore

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Uranium Ore
Uranium Ore.png
Uranium Ore
Uranium Ore
In Game
Blast Resistance

Yes (64)
First Seen
Beta 1.5

Uranium ore is an ore that is found deep underground. It gives a slight glow, half of a redstone torch. The texture is a more green of einsteinium ore.

This ore requires an iron pick or higher to mine. When mined, it drops one uranium ore block which is then shoved into a furnace to be smelted into an uranium ingot.

Upon walking on the block, the ore will hurt the player. Also, it is suppose to give you a radiation effect, but that isn't working at the moment. The ore also gives off green particles.


Mine it!


As a Smelting Ingredient

Name Ingredients Smelting recipe

Uranium Ingot

Uranium Ore +
Any fuel

Uranium Ore
Grid Any fuel.png

Grid Uranium Ingot.png

Natural Occurrence

Uranium occurs around layers 1-14 from bedrock. In previous versions of the mod (Before Beta 1.8) the ore spawned like iron ore, generating from bedrock to about sea level (Layers 0-63). On average, there are about 15 ore veins in a chuck. The ore veins contain about 1 to 3 ore blocks.

It is easier to find this ore while exploring unexplored deep caves, as the ore glows and is easy to see if there is a big room in the cave.


1.5Added uranium ore.
1.8Uranium ore generates lower in the ground (Layers 1-14).
Official Release
2.015w11aHurts player when touched.
Give off colored particles.
15w22aWhen you walk on this ore, you will get the radiation effect.


  • Uranium is an actual element in the real world. Uranium is the last element on the table of elements that is found naturally.
  • MCE wanted to add this, because it is radioactive, and he wanted to have radioactive elements in the mod, but also because it is his favorite element.
  • Back when this block was being added, MCE was hesitating to add it, since a lot of other mods also add uranium.
  • The ore could be found in ravines like iron (Before Beta 1.8), but now generates lower in the ground.
  • This is the block that replaced the einsteinium block.