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Grid Birch Trapdoor.png Grid Spruce Trapdoor.png Grid Jungle Trapdoor.png Grid Acacia Trapdoor.png Grid Dark Oak Trapdoor.png Grid Willow Trapdoor.png Grid Ebony Trapdoor.png Grid Silkwood Trapdoor.png Grid Gelid Trapdoor.png Grid Cement Trapdoor.png Grid Cement Brick Trapdoor.png Grid Stone Trapdoor.png Grid Cobblestone Trapdoor.png Grid Mossy Cobblestone Trapdoor.png Grid Stone Brick Trapdoor.png Grid Mossy Stone Brick Trapdoor.png Grid Cracked Stone Brick Trapdoor.png Grid Chiseled Stone Brick Trapdoor.png Grid Birch Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Spruce Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Jungle Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Acacia Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Dark Oak Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Willow Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Ebony Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Silkwood Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Gelid Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Cement Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Cement Brick Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Stone Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Cobblestone Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Mossy Cobblestone Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Stone Brick Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Mossy Stone Brick Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Cracked Stone Brick Secret Trapdoor.png Grid Chiseled Stone Brick Secret Trapdoor.png

In game
On the side of another block
Blast Resistance

Yes (64)
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Trapdoors are like doors, but horizontal. This mod not only adds normal type trapdoors, but even secret trapdoors, which look like a full block when viewed a top. This is really good for traps.

You can hold ⇧ Shift and right click on a normal trapdoor with a chisel to get the secret trapdoors.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Birch Trapdoor

Spruce Trapdoor

Jungle Trapdoor

Acacia Trapdoor

Dark Oak Trapdoor

Willow Trapdoor

Ebony Trapdoor

Silkwood Trapdoor

Gelid Trapdoor

Birch Wood Planks or
Spruce Wood Planks or
Jungle Wood Planks or
Acacia Wood Planks or
Dark Oak Wood Planks or
Willow Planks or
Ebony Planks or
Silkwood Planks or
Gelid Planks

Cement Trapdoor

Cement Brick Trapdoor

Stone Trapdoor

Cobblestone Trapdoor

Mossy Cobblestone Trapdoor

Stone Brick Trapdoor

Mossy Stone Brick Trapdoor

Cracked Stone Brick Trapdoor

Chiseled Stone Brick Trapdoor

Cement or
Cement Bricks or
Stone or
Cobblestone or
Moss Stone or
Stone Bricks or
Mossy Stone Bricks or
Cracked Stone Bricks or
Chiseled Stone Bricks

Hold ⇧ Shift and right click a normal trapdoor with a chisel to obtain the secret trapdoors.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Good for a "floor door", like when tunneling up or down with ladders, and you don't want any mobs to fall down or climb up.

Secret trapdoors are really good for traps, especially the ebony wood, since it's dark colored.

History[edit | edit source]

1.9Added birch, spruce, jungle and willow trapdoors.
Official Release
2.015w11aAdded ebony and silkwood trapdoors.
Added birch, spruce, jungle, willow, ebony and silkwood secret trapdoors.
15w13aYou can get secret trapdoors by holding ⇧ Shift and right clicking a normal trapdoor with the chisel.
15w22aAdded secret oak trapdoor.
Added acacia and dark oak trapdoors.
15w40aUpon making the secret trapdoor, it will keep it's position and rotation.
15w49aAdded cement, cement bricks, stone, cobblestone (+ mossy), and stone brick (all types) trapdoors and secret trapdoors.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The secret trapdoors where added when MCE accidentally forgot that trapdoors use their own texture and not a plank one. He saw it, and thought it looked good, and could be really good for traps, so he added the rest in.
  • Until snapshot 15w13a, you can not get the secret trapdoors. He got the idea to use a chisel and added the feature in.
  • If you use the WAILA mod, it shows up as the actual block. This will be changed so that you can actually have good traps.