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Inventory Table

This template is used to create a grid that looks similar to the crafting square in the Inventory GUI screen.

See Template:Grid for basic grid usage, this documentation page will cover additional or different functions.


{{Grid/Inventory Table
|A1=  |B1= Oak Wood Planks
|A2=  |B2= Oak Wood Planks
|Output= Stick,4
File:Grid Oak Wood Planks.png
Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Stick.png4
File:Grid Oak Wood Planks.png

Use the available images listed below.


If a recipe is shapeless, add shapeless=1 to the template, which will display an icon which when hovered over explains what a shapeless recipe is.

{{Grid/Inventory Table
|shapeless= 1
|A1= Leather|B1= Paper
|A2= Paper|B2= Paper
|Output= Book,1
File:Grid Leather.png File:Grid Paper.png Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Book.png
File:Grid Paper.png File:Grid Paper.png Grid layout Shapeless.png

The shapeless parameter does not support animation, so shapeless and non-shapeless recipes cannot be combined.


To make the grid animate, you make a list of blocks and objects you want to show, separated by semi-colons.

{{Grid/Inventory Table
|A1= Oak Wood Planks; Spruce Wood Planks; Birch Wood Planks; Jungle Wood Planks
|B1= Oak Wood Planks; Spruce Wood Planks; Birch Wood Planks; Jungle Wood Planks
 |A2= Oak Wood Planks; Spruce Wood Planks; Birch Wood Planks; Jungle Wood Planks
 |B2= Oak Wood Planks; Spruce Wood Planks; Birch Wood Planks; Jungle Wood Planks
|Output= Crafting Table
File:Grid Oak Wood Planks.pngFile:Grid Spruce Wood Planks.pngFile:Grid Birch Wood Planks.pngFile:Grid Jungle Wood Planks.png File:Grid Oak Wood Planks.pngFile:Grid Spruce Wood Planks.pngFile:Grid Birch Wood Planks.pngFile:Grid Jungle Wood Planks.png Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Crafting Table.png
File:Grid Oak Wood Planks.pngFile:Grid Spruce Wood Planks.pngFile:Grid Birch Wood Planks.pngFile:Grid Jungle Wood Planks.png File:Grid Oak Wood Planks.pngFile:Grid Spruce Wood Planks.pngFile:Grid Birch Wood Planks.pngFile:Grid Jungle Wood Planks.png


Mod images and normal images can be combined just like in a single grid.

When uploading mod images, they must have the mod page name in parenthesis at the end. For example Fancystone (FancyPack).

The Mod parameter can be used to set a default used for all parameters, this is best used when all items in the crafting table are modded items, or if the mod name is long and using the vanilla (v) parameter for the vanilla items in the table would be quicker.

Note the links of the vanilla Minecraft items, compared to the IndustrialCraft items.

Animation is fully supported between mod and vanilla items.

Tin Dust Copper Dust Grid layout Arrow (small).png Bronze Dust2
Copper Dust Copper Dust

Available images


Stone File:Grid Stone.png Grass Block File:Grid Grass Block.png Dirt File:Grid Dirt.png Bedrock File:Grid Bedrock.png Sand File:Grid Sand.png Gravel File:Grid Gravel.png
Sandstone File:Grid Sandstone.png Cobweb File:Grid Cobweb.png Moss Stone File:Grid Moss Stone.png Obsidian File:Grid Obsidian.png Monster Spawner File:Grid Monster Spawner.png Ice File:Grid Ice.png
Clay (block) File:Grid Clay (block).png Stone Bricks File:Grid Stone Bricks.png Mossy Stone Bricks File:Grid Mossy Stone Bricks.png Cracked Stone Bricks File:Grid Cracked Stone Bricks.png Chiseled Stone Bricks File:Grid Chiseled Stone Bricks.png Mycelium File:Grid Mycelium.png
Hardened Clay File:Grid Hardened Clay.png Podzol File:Grid Podzol.png Red Sand File:Grid Red Sand.png Packed Ice File:Grid Packed Ice.png Snow (cover) File:Grid Snow (cover).png
Oak Wood Planks File:Grid Oak Wood Planks.png Birch Wood Planks File:Grid Birch Wood Planks.png Jungle Wood Planks File:Grid Jungle Wood Planks.png Spruce Wood Planks File:Grid Spruce Wood Planks.png Acacia Wood Planks File:Grid Acacia Wood Planks.png Dark Oak Wood Planks File:Grid Dark Oak Wood Planks.png
Cobblestone File:Grid Cobblestone.png Bricks File:Grid Bricks.png Lapis Lazuli Block File:Grid Lapis Lazuli Block.png Block of Gold File:Grid Block of Gold.png Block of Iron File:Grid Block of Iron.png Block of Diamond File:Grid Block of Diamond.png
Double Stone Slab File:Grid Double Stone Slab.png Stone Slab File:Grid Stone Slab.png Sandstone Slab File:Grid Sandstone Slab.png Cobblestone Slab File:Grid Cobblestone Slab.png Bricks Slab File:Grid Bricks Slab.png Stone Bricks Slab File:Grid Stone Bricks Slab.png
Oak Wood Slab File:Grid Oak Wood Slab.png Spruce Wood Slab File:Grid Spruce Wood Slab.png Birch Wood Slab File:Grid Birch Wood Slab.png Jungle Wood Slab File:Grid Jungle Wood Slab.png Acacia Wood Slab File:Grid Acacia Wood Slab.png Dark Oak Wood Slab File:Grid Dark Oak Wood Slab.png
Quartz Slab File:Grid Quartz Slab.png Nether Brick Slab File:Grid Nether Brick Slab.png Bookshelf File:Grid Bookshelf.png Cobblestone Stairs File:Grid Cobblestone Stairs.png Brick Stairs File:Grid Brick Stairs.png Stone Brick Stairs File:Grid Stone Brick Stairs.png
Oak Wood Stairs File:Grid Oak Wood Stairs.png Jungle Wood Stairs File:Grid Jungle Wood Stairs.png Birch Wood Stairs File:Grid Birch Wood Stairs.png Spruce Wood Stairs File:Grid Spruce Wood Stairs.png Acacia Wood Stairs File:Grid Acacia Wood Stairs.png Dark Oak Wood Stairs File:Grid Dark Oak Wood Stairs.png
Sandstone Stairs File:Grid Sandstone Stairs.png Quartz Stairs File:Grid Quartz Stairs.png Farmland File:Grid Farmland.png Ladder File:Grid Ladder.png Fence File:Grid Fence.png Fence Gate File:Grid Fence Gate.png
Snow File:Grid Snow.png Jack o'Lantern File:Grid Jack o'Lantern.png Iron Bars File:Grid Iron Bars.png Chiseled Sandstone File:Grid Chiseled Sandstone.png Smooth Sandstone File:Grid Smooth Sandstone.png Cobblestone Wall File:Grid Cobblestone Wall.png
Mossy Cobblestone Wall File:Grid Mossy Cobblestone Wall.png Block of Emerald File:Grid Block of Emerald.png Block of Quartz File:Grid Block of Quartz.png Chiseled Quartz Block File:Grid Chiseled Quartz Block.png Pillar Quartz Block File:Grid Pillar Quartz Block.png Hay Bale File:Grid Hay Bale.png
Glass File:Grid Glass.png Glass Pane File:Grid Glass Pane.png Block of Coal File:Grid Block of Coal.png
Dyed blocks
White Wool File:Grid White Wool.png Light Gray Wool File:Grid Light Gray Wool.png Gray Wool File:Grid Gray Wool.png Black Wool File:Grid Black Wool.png Red Wool File:Grid Red Wool.png Orange Wool File:Grid Orange Wool.png
Yellow Wool File:Grid Yellow Wool.png Lime Wool File:Grid Lime Wool.png Green Wool File:Grid Green Wool.png Cyan Wool File:Grid Cyan Wool.png Light Blue Wool File:Grid Light Blue Wool.png Blue Wool File:Grid Blue Wool.png
Purple Wool File:Grid Purple Wool.png Magenta Wool File:Grid Magenta Wool.png Pink Wool File:Grid Pink Wool.png Brown Wool File:Grid Brown Wool.png
White Carpet File:Grid White Carpet.png Light Gray Carpet File:Grid Light Gray Carpet.png Gray Carpet File:Grid Gray Carpet.png Black Carpet File:Grid Black Carpet.png Red Carpet File:Grid Red Carpet.png Orange Carpet File:Grid Orange Carpet.png
Yellow Carpet File:Grid Yellow Carpet.png Lime Carpet File:Grid Lime Carpet.png Green Carpet File:Grid Green Carpet.png Cyan Carpet File:Grid Cyan Carpet.png Light Blue Carpet File:Grid Light Blue Carpet.png Blue Carpet File:Grid Blue Carpet.png
Purple Carpet File:Grid Purple Carpet.png Magenta Carpet File:Grid Magenta Carpet.png Pink Carpet File:Grid Pink Carpet.png Brown Carpet File:Grid Brown Carpet.png
White Stained Clay File:Grid White Stained Clay.png Light Gray Stained Clay File:Grid Light Gray Stained Clay.png Gray Stained Clay File:Grid Gray Stained Clay.png Black Stained Clay File:Grid Black Stained Clay.png Red Stained Clay File:Grid Red Stained Clay.png Orange Stained Clay File:Grid Orange Stained Clay.png
Yellow Stained Clay File:Grid Yellow Stained Clay.png Lime Stained Clay File:Grid Lime Stained Clay.png Green Stained Clay File:Grid Green Stained Clay.png Cyan Stained Clay File:Grid Cyan Stained Clay.png Light Blue Stained Clay File:Grid Light Blue Stained Clay.png Blue Stained Clay File:Grid Blue Stained Clay.png
Purple Stained Clay File:Grid Purple Stained Clay.png Magenta Stained Clay File:Grid Magenta Stained Clay.png Pink Stained Clay File:Grid Pink Stained Clay.png Brown Stained Clay File:Grid Brown Stained Clay.png
White Stained Glass File:Grid White Stained Glass.png Light Gray Stained Glass File:Grid Light Gray Stained Glass.png Gray Stained Glass File:Grid Gray Stained Glass.png Black Stained Glass File:Grid Black Stained Glass.png Red Stained Glass File:Grid Red Stained Glass.png Orange Stained Glass File:Grid Orange Stained Glass.png
Yellow Stained Glass File:Grid Yellow Stained Glass.png Lime Stained Glass File:Grid Lime Stained Glass.png Green Stained Glass File:Grid Green Stained Glass.png Cyan Stained Glass File:Grid Cyan Stained Glass.png Light Blue Stained Glass File:Grid Light Blue Stained Glass.png Blue Stained Glass File:Grid Blue Stained Glass.png
Purple Stained Glass File:Grid Purple Stained Glass.png Magenta Stained Glass File:Grid Magenta Stained Glass.png Pink Stained Glass File:Grid Pink Stained Glass.png Brown Stained Glass File:Grid Brown Stained Glass.png
White Stained Glass Pane File:Grid White Stained Glass Pane.png Light Gray Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Light Gray Stained Glass Pane.png Gray Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Gray Stained Glass Pane.png Black Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Black Stained Glass Pane.png Red Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Red Stained Glass Pane.png Orange Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Orange Stained Glass Pane.png
Yellow Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Yellow Stained Glass Pane.png Lime Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Lime Stained Glass Pane.png Green Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Green Stained Glass Pane.png Cyan Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Cyan Stained Glass Pane.png Light Blue Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Light Blue Stained Glass Pane.png Blue Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Blue Stained Glass Pane.png
Purple Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Purple Stained Glass Pane.png Magenta Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Magenta Stained Glass Pane.png Pink Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Pink Stained Glass Pane.png Brown Stained Glass Pane File:Grid Brown Stained Glass Pane.png
Sponge File:Grid Sponge.png Dispenser File:Grid Dispenser.png Note Block File:Grid Note Block.png TNT File:Grid TNT.png Chest File:Grid Chest.png Locked Chest File:Grid Locked Chest.png
Crafting Table File:Grid Crafting Table.png Furnace File:Grid Furnace.png Jukebox File:Grid Jukebox.png Cake File:Grid Cake.png Enchantment Table File:Grid Enchantment Table.png Bed File:Grid Bed.png
Cauldron File:Grid Cauldron.png Brewing Stand File:Grid Brewing Stand.png Ender Chest File:Grid Ender Chest.png Command Block File:Grid Command Block.png Beacon File:Grid Beacon.png Anvil File:Grid Anvil.png
Daylight Sensor File:Grid Daylight Sensor.png Hopper File:Grid Hopper.png Dropper File:Grid Dropper.png Trapped Chest File:Grid Trapped Chest.png
Redstone Torch File:Grid Redstone Torch.png Redstone Repeater File:Grid Redstone Repeater.png Lever File:Grid Lever.png Stone Button File:Grid Stone Button.png Wooden Pressure Plate File:Grid Wooden Pressure Plate.png Stone Pressure Plate File:Grid Stone Pressure Plate.png
Rail File:Grid Rail.png Powered Rail File:Grid Powered Rail.png Detector Rail File:Grid Detector Rail.png Activator Rail File:Grid Activator Rail.png Wooden Door File:Grid Wooden Door.png Iron Door File:Grid Iron Door.png
Trapdoor File:Grid Trapdoor.png Piston File:Grid Piston.png Sticky Piston File:Grid Sticky Piston.png Redstone Lamp File:Grid Redstone Lamp.png Wooden Button File:Grid Wooden Button.png Redstone Comparator File:Grid Redstone Comparator.png
Block of Redstone File:Grid Block of Redstone.png Weighted Pressure Plate (Light) File:Grid Weighted Pressure Plate (Light).png Weighted Pressure Plate (Heavy) File:Grid Weighted Pressure Plate (Heavy).png Tripwire Hook File:Grid Tripwire Hook.png
Oak Leaves File:Grid Oak Leaves.png Spruce Leaves File:Grid Spruce Leaves.png Birch Leaves File:Grid Birch Leaves.png Jungle Leaves File:Grid Jungle Leaves.png Acacia Leaves File:Grid Acacia Leaves.png Dark Oak Leaves File:Grid Dark Oak Leaves.png
Oak Wood File:Grid Oak Wood.png Spruce Wood File:Grid Spruce Wood.png Birch Wood File:Grid Birch Wood.png Jungle Wood File:Grid Jungle Wood.png Acacia Wood File:Grid Acacia Wood.png Dark Oak Wood File:Grid Dark Oak Wood.png
Cactus File:Grid Cactus.png Pumpkin File:Grid Pumpkin.png Melon (block) File:Grid Melon (block).png Vines File:Grid Vines.png Lily Pad File:Grid Lily Pad.png Huge Brown Mushroom File:Grid Huge Brown Mushroom.png
Huge Red Mushroom File:Grid Huge Red Mushroom.png
Coal Ore File:Grid Coal Ore.png Diamond Ore File:Grid Diamond Ore.png Gold Ore File:Grid Gold Ore.png Iron Ore File:Grid Iron Ore.png Lapis Lazuli Ore File:Grid Lapis Lazuli Ore.png Redstone Ore File:Grid Redstone Ore.png
Emerald Ore File:Grid Emerald Ore.png
Water File:Grid Water.png Lava File:Grid Lava.png
Torch File:Grid Torch.png Sign File:Grid Sign.png Fire File:Grid Fire.png Portal File:Grid Portal.png End Portal File:Grid End Portal.png
The Nether
Glowstone File:Grid Glowstone.png Netherrack File:Grid Netherrack.png Soul Sand File:Grid Soul Sand.png Nether Brick File:Grid Nether Brick.png Nether Brick Stairs File:Grid Nether Brick Stairs.png Nether Brick Fence File:Grid Nether Brick Fence.png
Nether Wart File:Grid Nether Wart.png Nether Quartz Ore File:Grid Nether Quartz Ore.png
The End
End Portal (block) File:Grid End Portal (block).png End Stone File:Grid End Stone.png Dragon Egg File:Grid Dragon Egg.png
Pocket Edition
Glowing Obsidian File:Grid Glowing Obsidian.png Nether Reactor Core File:Grid Nether Reactor Core.png Stonecutter File:Grid Stonecutter.png


Raw Materials
Bone File:Grid Bone.png Book File:Grid Book.png Clay File:Grid Clay.png Brick File:Grid Brick.png Coal File:Grid Coal.png Charcoal File:Grid Charcoal.png
Diamond File:Grid Diamond.png Feather File:Grid Feather.png Flint File:Grid Flint.png Glowstone Dust File:Grid Glowstone Dust.png Gold Ingot File:Grid Gold Ingot.png Gunpowder File:Grid Gunpowder.png
Iron Ingot File:Grid Iron Ingot.png Leather File:Grid Leather.png Paper File:Grid Paper.png Redstone File:Grid Redstone.png Slimeball File:Grid Slimeball.png Stick File:Grid Stick.png
String File:Grid String.png Ender Pearl File:Grid Ender Pearl.png Emerald File:Grid Emerald.png Nether Star File:Grid Nether Star.png Nether Brick (item) File:Grid Nether Brick (item).png Nether Quartz File:Grid Nether Quartz.png
Apple File:Grid Apple.png Bread File:Grid Bread.png Cooked Fish File:Grid Cooked Fish.png Cooked Porkchop File:Grid Cooked Porkchop.png Egg File:Grid Egg.png Golden Apple File:Grid Golden Apple.png
Mushroom Stew File:Grid Mushroom Stew.png Raw Fish File:Grid Raw Fish.png Raw Porkchop File:Grid Raw Porkchop.png Sugar File:Grid Sugar.png Wheat File:Grid Wheat.png Cookie File:Grid Cookie.png
Melon File:Grid Melon.png Raw Beef File:Grid Raw Beef.png Steak File:Grid Steak.png Raw Chicken File:Grid Raw Chicken.png Cooked Chicken File:Grid Cooked Chicken.png Rotten Flesh File:Grid Rotten Flesh.png
Clownfish File:Grid Clownfish.png Pufferfish File:Grid Pufferfish.png Raw Salmon File:Grid Raw Salmon.png Cooked Salmon File:Grid Cooked Salmon.png Pumpkin Pie File:Grid Pumpkin Pie.png
Alchemical Ingredients
Blaze Rod File:Grid Blaze Rod.png Blaze Powder File:Grid Blaze Powder.png Fermented Spider Eye File:Grid Fermented Spider Eye.png Ghast Tear File:Grid Ghast Tear.png Glistering Melon File:Grid Glistering Melon.png Gold Nugget File:Grid Gold Nugget.png
Nether Wart Seeds File:Grid Nether Wart Seeds.png Magma Cream File:Grid Magma Cream.png Spider Eye File:Grid Spider Eye.png Carrot File:Grid Carrot.png Golden Carrot File:Grid Golden Carrot.png Potato File:Grid Potato.png
Baked Potato File:Grid Baked Potato.png Poisonous Potato File:Grid Poisonous Potato.png
Water Bottle File:Grid Water Bottle.png Mundane Potion File:Grid Mundane Potion.png Awkward Potion File:Grid Awkward Potion.png Thick Potion File:Grid Thick Potion.png Potion of Healing File:Grid Potion of Healing.png Potion of Fire Resistance File:Grid Potion of Fire Resistance.png
Potion of Harming File:Grid Potion of Harming.png Potion of Poison File:Grid Potion of Poison.png Potion of Regeneration File:Grid Potion of Regeneration.png Potion of Slowness File:Grid Potion of Slowness.png Potion of Strength File:Grid Potion of Strength.png Potion of Swiftness File:Grid Potion of Swiftness.png
Potion of Weakness File:Grid Potion of Weakness.png Potion of Night Vision File:Grid Potion of Night Vision.png Potion of Invisibility File:Grid Potion of Invisibility.png
Splash Potions
Splash Mundane Potion File:Grid Splash Mundane Potion.png Splash Potion of Healing File:Grid Splash Potion of Healing.png Splash Potion of Fire Resistance File:Grid Splash Potion of Fire Resistance.png Splash Potion of Harming File:Grid Splash Potion of Harming.png Splash Potion of Poison File:Grid Splash Potion of Poison.png Splash Potion of Regeneration File:Grid Splash Potion of Regeneration.png
Splash Potion of Slowness File:Grid Splash Potion of Slowness.png Splash Potion of Strength File:Grid Splash Potion of Strength.png Splash Potion of Swiftness File:Grid Splash Potion of Swiftness.png Splash Potion of Weakness File:Grid Splash Potion of Weakness.png Splash Potion of Night Vision File:Grid Splash Potion of Night Vision.png Splash Potion of Invisibility File:Grid Splash Potion of Invisibility.png
Bottle o' Enchanting File:Grid Bottle o' Enchanting.png
Oak Sapling File:Grid Oak Sapling.png Birch Sapling File:Grid Birch Sapling.png Spruce Sapling File:Grid Spruce Sapling.png Jungle Sapling File:Grid Jungle Sapling.png Acacia Sapling File:Grid Acacia Sapling.png Dark Oak Sapling File:Grid Dark Oak Sapling.png
Rose File:Grid Rose.png Poppy File:Grid Poppy.png Dandelion File:Grid Dandelion.png Red Mushroom File:Grid Red Mushroom.png Brown Mushroom File:Grid Brown Mushroom.png Sugar Canes File:Grid Sugar Canes.png
Dead Bush File:Grid Dead Bush.png Tall Grass1 File:Grid Tall Grass1.png Tall Grass File:Grid Tall Grass.png Fern File:Grid Fern.png Seeds File:Grid Seeds.png Melon Seeds File:Grid Melon Seeds.png
Pumpkin Seeds File:Grid Pumpkin Seeds.png Azure Bluet File:Grid Azure Bluet.png Allium File:Grid Allium.png Blue Orchid File:Grid Blue Orchid.png Double Tallgrass File:Grid Double Tallgrass.png Large Fern File:Grid Large Fern.png
Lilac File:Grid Lilac.png Oxeye Daisy File:Grid Oxeye Daisy.png Peony File:Grid Peony.png Rose Bush File:Grid Rose Bush.png Sunflower File:Grid Sunflower.png Red Tulip File:Grid Red Tulip.png
Orange Tulip File:Grid Orange Tulip.png White Tulip File:Grid White Tulip.png Pink Tulip File:Grid Pink Tulip.png
Wool Dyes
Bone Meal File:Grid Bone Meal.png Light Gray Dye File:Grid Light Gray Dye.png Gray Dye File:Grid Gray Dye.png Ink Sac File:Grid Ink Sac.png Rose Red File:Grid Rose Red.png Orange Dye File:Grid Orange Dye.png
Dandelion Yellow File:Grid Dandelion Yellow.png Lime Dye File:Grid Lime Dye.png Cactus Green File:Grid Cactus Green.png Cyan Dye File:Grid Cyan Dye.png Light Blue Dye File:Grid Light Blue Dye.png Lapis Lazuli File:Grid Lapis Lazuli.png
Purple Dye File:Grid Purple Dye.png Magenta Dye File:Grid Magenta Dye.png Pink Dye File:Grid Pink Dye.png Cocoa Beans File:Grid Cocoa Beans.png
Bowl File:Grid Bowl.png Clock File:Grid Clock.png Compass File:Grid Compass.png Fishing Rod File:Grid Fishing Rod.png Flint and Steel File:Grid Flint and Steel.png Saddle File:Grid Saddle.png
Wooden Axe File:Grid Wooden Axe.png Golden Axe File:Grid Golden Axe.png Stone Axe File:Grid Stone Axe.png Iron Axe File:Grid Iron Axe.png Diamond Axe File:Grid Diamond Axe.png Shears File:Grid Shears.png
Wooden Hoe File:Grid Wooden Hoe.png Golden Hoe File:Grid Golden Hoe.png Stone Hoe File:Grid Stone Hoe.png Iron Hoe File:Grid Iron Hoe.png Diamond Hoe File:Grid Diamond Hoe.png Glass Bottle File:Grid Glass Bottle.png
Wooden Pickaxe File:Grid Wooden Pickaxe.png Golden Pickaxe File:Grid Golden Pickaxe.png Stone Pickaxe File:Grid Stone Pickaxe.png Iron Pickaxe File:Grid Iron Pickaxe.png Diamond Pickaxe File:Grid Diamond Pickaxe.png Eye of Ender File:Grid Eye of Ender.png
Wooden Shovel File:Grid Wooden Shovel.png Golden Shovel File:Grid Golden Shovel.png Stone Shovel File:Grid Stone Shovel.png Iron Shovel File:Grid Iron Shovel.png Diamond Shovel File:Grid Diamond Shovel.png Fire Charge File:Grid Fire Charge.png
Empty Map File:Grid Empty Map.png Map File:Grid Map.png Book and Quill File:Grid Book and Quill.png Written Book File:Grid Written Book.png Carrot on a Stick File:Grid Carrot on a Stick.png Enchanted Book File:Grid Enchanted Book.png
Name Tag File:Grid Name Tag.png Lead File:Grid Lead.png
Spawn Eggs
Spawn Creeper File:Grid Spawn Creeper.png Spawn Skeleton File:Grid Spawn Skeleton.png Spawn Spider File:Grid Spawn Spider.png Spawn Zombie File:Grid Spawn Zombie.png Spawn Slime File:Grid Spawn Slime.png Spawn Ghast File:Grid Spawn Ghast.png
Spawn Pig Zombie File:Grid Spawn Pig Zombie.png Spawn Enderman File:Grid Spawn Enderman.png Spawn Cave Spider File:Grid Spawn Cave Spider.png Spawn Silverfish File:Grid Spawn Silverfish.png Spawn Blaze File:Grid Spawn Blaze.png Spawn Magma Cube File:Grid Spawn Magma Cube.png
Spawn Pig File:Grid Spawn Pig.png Spawn Sheep File:Grid Spawn Sheep.png Spawn Cow File:Grid Spawn Cow.png Spawn Chicken File:Grid Spawn Chicken.png Spawn Squid File:Grid Spawn Squid.png Spawn Wolf File:Grid Spawn Wolf.png
Spawn Mooshroom File:Grid Spawn Mooshroom.png Spawn Villager File:Grid Spawn Villager.png Spawn Ocelot File:Grid Spawn Ocelot.png Spawn Bat File:Grid Spawn Bat.png Spawn Witch File:Grid Spawn Witch.png Spawn Horse File:Grid Spawn Horse.png
Bucket File:Grid Bucket.png Water Bucket File:Grid Water Bucket.png Lava Bucket File:Grid Lava Bucket.png Milk File:Grid Milk.png
Wooden Sword File:Grid Wooden Sword.png Golden Sword File:Grid Golden Sword.png Stone Sword File:Grid Stone Sword.png Iron Sword File:Grid Iron Sword.png Diamond Sword File:Grid Diamond Sword.png Arrow File:Grid Arrow.png
Bow File:Grid Bow.png Snowball File:Grid Snowball.png
Leather Cap File:Grid Leather Cap.png Golden Helmet File:Grid Golden Helmet.png Chain Helmet File:Grid Chain Helmet.png Iron Helmet File:Grid Iron Helmet.png Diamond Helmet File:Grid Diamond Helmet.png Iron Horse Armor File:Grid Iron Horse Armor.png
Leather Tunic File:Grid Leather Tunic.png Golden Chestplate File:Grid Golden Chestplate.png Chain Chestplate File:Grid Chain Chestplate.png Iron Chestplate File:Grid Iron Chestplate.png Diamond Chestplate File:Grid Diamond Chestplate.png Golden Horse Armor File:Grid Golden Horse Armor.png
Leather Pants File:Grid Leather Pants.png Golden Leggings File:Grid Golden Leggings.png Chain Leggings File:Grid Chain Leggings.png Iron Leggings File:Grid Iron Leggings.png Diamond Leggings File:Grid Diamond Leggings.png Diamond Horse Armor File:Grid Diamond Horse Armor.png
Leather Boots File:Grid Leather Boots.png Golden Boots File:Grid Golden Boots.png Chain Boots File:Grid Chain Boots.png Iron Boots File:Grid Iron Boots.png Diamond Boots File:Grid Diamond Boots.png
Boat File:Grid Boat.png Minecart File:Grid Minecart.png Minecart with Furnace File:Grid Minecart with Furnace.png Minecart with Chest File:Grid Minecart with Chest.png Minecart with TNT File:Grid Minecart with TNT.png Minecart with Hopper File:Grid Minecart with Hopper.png
Minecart with Command Block File:Grid Minecart with Command Block.png
13 Disc File:Grid 13 Disc.png cat Disc File:Grid cat Disc.png blocks Disc File:Grid blocks Disc.png chirp Disc File:Grid chirp Disc.png far Disc File:Grid far Disc.png mall Disc File:Grid mall Disc.png
mellohi Disc File:Grid mellohi Disc.png stal Disc File:Grid stal Disc.png strad Disc File:Grid strad Disc.png ward Disc File:Grid ward Disc.png 11 Disc File:Grid 11 Disc.png wait Disc File:Grid wait Disc.png
Painting File:Grid Painting.png Item Frame File:Grid Item Frame.png Flower Pot File:Grid Flower Pot.png
Mob heads
Skeleton Skull File:Grid Skeleton Skull.png Wither Skeleton Skull File:Grid Wither Skeleton Skull.png Zombie Head File:Grid Zombie Head.png Head File:Grid Head.png Creeper Head File:Grid Creeper Head.png
Firework Rocket File:Grid Firework Rocket.png Firework Star File:Grid Firework Star.png White Firework Star File:Grid White Firework Star.png Orange Firework Star File:Grid Orange Firework Star.png Magenta Firework Star File:Grid Magenta Firework Star.png Light Blue Firework Star File:Grid Light Blue Firework Star.png
Yellow Firework Star File:Grid Yellow Firework Star.png Lime Firework Star File:Grid Lime Firework Star.png Pink Firework Star File:Grid Pink Firework Star.png Gray Firework Star File:Grid Gray Firework Star.png Light Gray Firework Star File:Grid Light Gray Firework Star.png Cyan Firework Star File:Grid Cyan Firework Star.png
Purple Firework Star File:Grid Purple Firework Star.png Blue Firework Star File:Grid Blue Firework Star.png Brown Firework Star File:Grid Brown Firework Star.png Green Firework Star File:Grid Green Firework Star.png Red Firework Star File:Grid Red Firework Star.png Black Firework Star File:Grid Black Firework Star.png
Pocket Edition
Cyan Flower File:Grid Cyan Flower.png

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