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This template is to be used in the cells on the table in the Available images template.


{{Grid/Available images/entry|Bone}}

Will output

! Bone !! File:Grid Bone.png

If you don't have 10 entries on a row, put the amount of entries you do have on the last line of the row.
For example:

{{Grid/Available images/entry|Stick}}
{{Grid/Available images/entry|Bone|2}}

Will output:
! Stick !! File:Grid Stick.png

! Bone !! File:Grid Bone.png !! colspan="8" |

Other parameters

Code Usage Default
h This should not be used with anything below. The value you put here is what the header will say; including any wikicode. None
{{{1}}} The link and link name will be set to this value. The image name will have it inserted as part of it: [[File:Grid {{{1}}}.png]] None
{{{2}}} Explained above. None
rowspan Used in conjunction with {{{2}}}. Sets the amount of rows that will be filled, starting from the row it's on. None
link Used to modify what the first cell links to. {{{1}}}
name Used to modify what the first cell's text is. {{{1}}}