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Yup, this mod even adds more splashes. They're just like the normal ones, but more customized to MCE626.

Here's a list of the new splashes added by this mod.

List of Splashes[edit | edit source]

Number      Text Explanation Version Added
1 IDT mod has over 55,000 lines of code! This is true, as of this version (15w41a), the mod has over that many lines of code. This isn't including lines with just space, so that's only including logical lines or lines with actual code. 15w41a
2 IDT mod was made by MCE626! Also true, this mod was made by MCE626. 15w41a
3 IDT mod used to be called More Blocks Mod! Versions prior to 2.0 or 15w11a, the mod was called More Blocks Mod 15w41a
4 Hey guys, welcome back. MCE626's quote from his videos. 15w41a
5 MCE626 likes chemistry! 15w41a
6 IDT mod has several ideas in it, nor from MCE626. This is true, as there are ideas from Tic-toc26, RevenantGamer, CrazyGuy15052, Undeadgaming606 and more. 15w41a
7 Cyan is MCE626's favorite color! This is in color, and is true. MCE626's favorite color is cyan. 15w41a
8 Did you know the IDT mod adds splashes? This is one of them! 15w41a
9 MCE626's birthday is on June 16th! This is true, as all the chests will change texture on that day, similar to what they do on Christmas. 15w41a
10 MCE626 is the senior programmer at Xendric Interactive! This is true. 15w41a
11 MCE626 has been interested in programming since he was 10! This is true, he became interested in programming when he was 10, making websites with HTML. 15w41a
12 MCE626 originally wanted to be a sniper! Before becoming a game developer, MCE626 wanted to be a sniper for the army. But when his friends wanted to make a game, he became their programmer. 15w41a
13 MCE626's favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon! This is true, MCE626 likes dragons, and this movie has them actually be nice and act like pets. 15w41a
14 MCE626 likes dragons! This is true, he likes to draw them all the time. 15w41a
15 The first block in the IDT mod wasn't actually an idea from MCE626! This is true, the first block in the mod is Cement and was actually an idea from Crazyguy1052. 15w41a
16 The ice phantom was based off of Skyrim's ice wraith! This is true, the model of the Ice Phantom was based off of Skyrim's Ice Wraith. 15w41a
17 This is line 17 in the splashes.txt in the IDT mod! This is true, this text is actually line 17 in the file. 15w41a
18 MCE626's favorite word is "Defecate"! This is true, MCE626 thinks the word sounds funny. 15w41a
19 Did you know MCE626 makes videos? Check them out! Self advertising. Also true, he does make videos. 15w41a
20 Eep! MCE626 says this all the time for no reason. Usually said in a high up voice and in a short burst. 15w41a
21 IDT mod has more than 5000 downloads! Though he has not calculated how many actual downloads the mod has, it is assumed it has at least about 5000. This number also includes downloads from the older versions, when it was called More Blocks Mod 15w41a
22 MCE626 lived in California for a year. This is true, MCE626 lived in a neighboring town of San Diego, California. 15w41a
23 Adds more dragons! The mod adds more dragons, not particularly at this version though. 15w41a
24 IDT mod is 100% chemistry free! Oh wait.. no it's not.. This is true, there are several things in the mod that are chemistry like, such as ores and many materials used to make Nitroglycerin, including that chemical itself. 15w41a
25 100% certified by MCE626! Referring to the mod being 100% certified by him, but also could be referring to the game too. 15w41a
26 "Who's MCE626?" He's the one who made the IDT mod! Assuming people would ask "Who is this guy?" as seen from other splashes featuring this name, he added in who he is. He's the one who made this mod. 15w41a
27 The full name of the IDT mod is; Industrial Technologies and More Mod! This is true, IDT is just a shortened version of the full name. 15w41a
28 The IDT mod was made in the USA! This is true, and products have "Made in China" or "Made in the USA" or whatever country on them. 15w41a
29 This! Is! The IDT mod! Reference to 300's quote: This is Sparta! 15w41a
30 IDT mod installed! Just to tell you that you have it installed correctly. 15w41a
31 626! Referencing the numbers in his name, MCE626. 15w41a
32 126! Referencing Tic-toc26's numbers. Sometimes he uses 126 in his name. 15w41a
33 15052! Referencing Crazyguy15052's numbers. 15w41a
34 Timmy took a drink, but will drink no more, for what he thought was H2O, was H2SO4. This is MCE626's favorite chemistry poem thing. H2O is water, and H2SO4 is sulfuric acid. Which looks like water. 15w41a
35 Bacon! It originally was going to have a quart rest from music, but it wouldn't work. Some musicians call the quarter rest bacon, as it kind of is shaped like it. 15w41a
36 MCE626 likes Deadmau5's music! This is true, Deadmau5 is MCE626's favorite music producer. 15w41a
37 MCE626 listens to Deadmau5's music while he codes! This is also true, MCE626 will listen to his music while he codes. In fact, he was listening to it while he was editing this very page. 15w41a
38 ? The game adds in several splashes with ? in them, MCE626 just did one of them. 15w41a
39 MCE626 knows Java and C++! This is true, he also knows a bit of python. 15w41a
40 MCE626 likes to melt down metals! This is true. He and his friends made a forge to melt down soda cans. He has used this to melt other metals like bismuth. 15w41a
41 MCE626 actually have some uranium ore! This is true, it was a Christmas present from one of his brothers. It's depleted and it's an ore, so there's not much, and you can't do anything with it. 15w41a
42 Woo line 42! Actually is line 42 in the file, but this is slightly referencing the meme 42, the meaning of life and everything. 15w41a
43 ~ This is MCE626's favorite key on the keyboard. Yup.. 15w41a
44 MCE626's favorite element is uranium! This is true. This is why it was added in the mod. 15w41a
45 MCE626's favorite chemical is nitroglycerin! This is true, and is why it was added in the mod. 15w41a
46 MCE626 actually has a bismuth crystal! This is true. After getting 1/2 pound of bismuth metal, he melted it, and let it cool down. This makes a bismuth crystal. 15w41a
47 MCE626 has made several aluminium ingots from melting soda cans! This is true, once with his friends, and once while he was living in California. 15w41a
48 Elite bulldozer! Stand back! This is a quote from the bulldozer from Payday 2. 15w41a
49 I know, I know. I'm late. This is a quote from the cloaker from Payday 2. 15w41a
50 This might sting a little. Also a quote from the cloaker from Payday 2. 15w41a
51 It's bulldozing time! A quote from the bulldozer from Payday 2. 15w41a
52 You know damn well who I am. This is a quote from a game the company he's apart of is making. The game has new species, and this is a quote from the leader of the species he created for the game. 15w41a
53 I'll see what I can do. This is also a quote from a game the company he's apart of is making. This is a quote from the leader of his friend's species. 15w41a
54 Xrverin! This is the name of the leader of the species MCE626 made for the game by the company he's apart of. 15w41a
55 Airigold! This is the name of the pet dragon Xrverin has. Also apart of that game they're making. 15w41a
56 MCE626 likes to blacksmith! Originally the splash was "Also try Marlo!" but was changed. MCE626 and his friends like to blacksmith. 15w41a
57 Also try The Unholy Ghost! This is a game that was made by the company he's apart of. It's actually released and you can play it. 15w41a
58 Steve! MCE626's real name. Also the name of the basic minecraft player. 15w41a
59 MCE626's real name is Steve! This is true. 15w41a
60 Clair! In MCE626's videos, he has a untamed ocelot tied to a fence post named Clair. 15w41a
61 Don't cry crying obsidian. Because the name of the block is Crying Obsidian. 15w41a
62 This is line 62 in splashes.txt in the IDT mod! Actually is line 62, and 62 is apart of his name, MCE626. It is also apart of Tic-toc26's name. 15w41a
63 Strobe! Referencing MCE626's favorite song from Deadmau5, Strobe. 15w41a
64 Edge! This is the name of the big game that the company MCE626 is apart of. 15w41a
65 Now with chemistry! TV commercials and products say a lot of Now with [something]! on them. 15w41a
66 Limited time offer! Again, TV commercials have this a lot. 15w41a
67 But wait, we'll double that offer! Again, TV commercials have this a lot. 15w41a
68 With 5 easy payment of $3.50! TV commercials have this too, not necessarily actually having 5 payments of $3.50. 15w41a
69 Line 69! :3 A joke about the sex position, 69. 15w41a
70 Just pay shipping and handling! TV commercials also have this. 15w41a
71 Do not take if you are pregnant! TV commercials about medicines say this too. 15w41a
72 "I'm on a mission from God!"; "Tell him you failed!" A quote from the movie Paul, and more specifically, MCE626 saw it from this video. 15w41a
73 TNT is not the same as Dynamite! Many people think TNT and Dynamite are the same thing, and even when the song TNT by AC/DC plays, MCE626 yells out they aren't the same. 15w41a
74 99.99% pure gold! TV commercials that sell gold coins say this several times. 15w41a
75 Never 100% pure. The opposite of the normal minecraft's 100% pure, but was really referencing about chemistry, how you can never actually get 100% purity of anything. 15w41a
76 Drop the base... in the acid! Slight reference to dubstep drop the base, but with a chemistry twist. Dropping a base into an acid neutralizes it. 15w41a
77 Adds more stuff! Just saying the IDT mod adds more stuff. 15w41a
78 Rusty Shackleford! Referencing King of the Hill Dale Gribble's fake name. 15w41a
79 MCE626! MCE626's name.. 15w41a
80 Tic-toc26! MCE626's friend. 15w41a
81 CrazyGuy15052! MCE626's friend. 15w41a
82 Need more space? Purchase additional storage! Referencing gmail's storage setting on the settings of your email. 15w41a
83 Currently using 0.07 GB (0%) of your 15 GB! Taken straight from one of MCE626's emails, under the settings of the email. 15w41a
84 Twice of 42! 42 times 2 is 84. 15w41a
85 Do bees have knees? Referencing the phrase; Bees knees. 15w41a
86 Do the chickens have large talons? A quote from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. 15w41a
87 This is true. Referencing this wiki page, with the many This is true phrase in the explanation column. 15w41a
88 Xendric Interactive! This is the name of the company MCE is a part of. 15w43a
89 Just do it! Reference to this meme; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXsQAXx_ao0 15w43a
90 Don't dig up! Reference to Don't dig down!, which is a thing you don't want to do in Minecraft. Digging up can also be dangerous. 15w44a
91 Work dammit! When things in code just aren't working. 15w44a
92 Uranium! Uranium is number 92 on the table of elements. 15w44a
93 Noot noot! It's a meme, originally from Pingu. 16w31a
94 Heroes never die! What Mercy says from Overwatch when she does her ultimate. 16w49a
95 The world could always use more heroes. Tracer's famous quote when Overwatch was launched. 16w49a
96 MCE626 mains Mercy in Overwatch! Says it all. 16w49a
97 Cheers love, the cavalry's here! Another famous Tracer quote from Overwatch. 16w49a
98 IDT mod adds 98 more splashes! This is true, and this is the 98th splash. 15w41a

History[edit | edit source]

Version Added Changed Removed Total Notes
2.0 (15w41a) 88 0 0 88
2.0 (15w43a) 2 1 0 90
2.0 (15w44a) 3 1 0 93
2.0 (15w49a) 0 1 0 93
2.0 (16w13a) 0 1 0 93
2.0 (16w31a) 1 2 0 94
2.0 (16w49a) 4 2 0 98
2.0 (17w11a) 0 1 0 98
2.0 (17w52a) 0 5 0 98