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Grid Willow Wood Slab.png Grid Ebony Wood Slab.png Grid Silkwood Wood Slab.png Grid Gelid Wood Slab.png Grid Real Stone Slab.png Grid Cement Slab.png Grid Cement Brick Slab.png Grid Glass Slab.png Grid White Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Orange Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Magenta Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Light Blue Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Yellow Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Lime Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Pink Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Gray Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Light Gray Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Cyan Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Purple Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Blue Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Brown Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Green Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Red Stained Glass Slab.png Grid Black Stained Glass Slab.png
In Game
Double: No
Single: Yes
Blast Resistance

Stone, Cement:

Glass: Any
Yes (64)
Yes (Wood only)
First Seen
See history

Slabs are half-blocks. Slabs placed on the ceiling occupy the top half of the block space. They can also be used for a long stair case.


Natural Occurrence

Mod slabs do not generate naturally like normal ones do.


Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Willow Slab

Ebony Slab

Silkwood Slab

Gelid Slab

Willow Planks or
Ebony Planks or
Silkwood Planks or
Gelid Planks

Real Stone Slab

Cement Slab

Cement Brick Slab

Glass Slab

Stone or
Cement or
Cement Bricks or

White Stained Glass Slab

Orange Stained Glass Slab

Magenta Stained Glass Slab

Light Blue Stained Glass Slab

Yellow Stained Glass Slab

Lime Stained Glass Slab

Pink Stained Glass Slab

Gray Stained Glass Slab

Light Gray Stained Glass Slab

Cyan Stained Glass Slab

Purple Stained Glass Slab

Blue Stained Glass Slab

Brown Stained Glass Slab

Green Stained Glass Slab

Red Stained Glass Slab

Black Stained Glass Slab

White Stained Glass or
Orange Stained Glass or
Magenta Stained Glass or
Light Blue Stained Glass or
Yellow Stained Glass or
Lime Stained Glass or
Pink Stained Glass or
Gray Stained Glass or
Light Gray Stained Glass or
Cyan Stained Glass or
Purple Stained Glass or
Blue Stained Glass or
Brown Stained Glass or
Green Stained Glass or
Red Stained Glass or
Black Stained Glass


For a long stair case, or for nice decoration.

As a Crafting Ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Stone Slab

Real Stone Slab

Grid Real Stone Slab.png

Wall Slabs

Also called vertical slabs this was added in the snapshot version 15w43a. Take a chisel, sneak and right click a mod slab. It will flip and go vertical. Click it again to change the orientation. This only works on the mod slabs, not the normal ones. You can only do this if the slab is on the bottom half of a block, not on the upper half.

MCE himself uploaded a gif showing the wall slabs.


1.5Added willow slab.
1.6Crafting willow slabs now give 6, it used to give 1 slab block.
1.7Willow slabs are stackable.
1.91.9Willow slab was renamed to "Willow Wood Slab".
Single slab names translate to the other language.
Bug fixed with pick-blocking the willow slab in creative.
Added glass slab.
Added real stone slab.
Added cement slab.
1.9.1Fixed bug with willow slab not as fuel for furnaces.
Official Release
2.015w11aAdded ebony and silkwood slabs.
Fixed bug with double glass slab x-raying through the ground.
15w40aAdded colored glass slabs.
15w43aAdded cement brick slab.
Added where you can do vertical slabs, or wall slabs as I call them. Using a chisel.
15w44aFixed mining the double slabs. It gives you back 2 single ones now.
Fixed pick blocking slabs in creative.
Added where you can do wall slabs with a chisel when the slab is on the top part of a block.
Fixed naming of slabs when on top part of block, or vertical.
16w08aAdded gelid slab.


Bug; Beta 1.5 & Beta 1.6: Willow slabs are not stackable.
Bug; Beta 1.9 & Beta 1.9.1: Glass double slab x-rays though the ground. (This is a very bad bug).


  • Mod slabs work the same as normal slabs.
  • Slabs can be placed on top of each other to make a double slab, or what seems to be a full block.
  • Wooden slabs can burn.