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You know what the player is, but in the IDT mod it changes some aspects of them.

The developers, MCE626, Crazyguy15052, Tic-toc26 and Guybot1001 have a change of their minecraft player while the mod is installed. For all of them, they are translucent like a ghost. You can see through them. They also have a name tag customization.

Contributors of the mod have a small customized name tag.

The Devs[edit | edit source]

Contributors[edit | edit source]

Contributors to the IDT Mod have a cyan superscript capital "i" before the name indicating they're a contributor to the IDT Mod. Here's a list of everyone that has this tag.

Idt tag.png

IDT Contributor tag before the username in the chat. Also shows on the name plate above the player.

Name In Game Name Name Tag Image
MrProBro idkyet 150px
domi1819 idkyet 150px

History[edit | edit source]

Official Release
2.015w40aThe devs, MCE626, Crazyguy15052, and Tic-toc26, are translucent like a ghost.
16w08aGave devs custom name tags.
Made Guybot1001 (a dev) translucent like a ghost too.
16w19aGot the custom dev name changes to work in chat on servers.
17w29aContributors get a little tag before their name, like how the devs have. But not as dramatic.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before it was against Mojang's rules for mods to add capes, this mod added a cape for everyone, and some custom ones for specific people.
  • The code for the devs of being translucent was in the mod for a while, but MCE finally got it to work.