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Music Disc
Grid Record Icy.png Grid Record 23.png Grid Record r51.png
In Game
First Seen

Just like normal records, the mod ones can be played in jukeboxes too. All record songs the mod adds are made by MCE626.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Natural Generation[edit | edit source]

Just like normal ones, you can get them from loot chests. Records from this mod spawn in jungle and dungeon chests.

Ice Phantoms[edit | edit source]

If a skeleton kills an ice phantom, record "8-bit Icy" has a chance of dropping.

Discs[edit | edit source]

Please note: All songs where made by MCE626, and uploaded by MCE626. All songs here are with the full length. You're welcome people.

Also note: If you are going to use any of these songs in a video, you MUST give credit to MCE626. Otherwise, the video will be flagged.

Icon Track Name Description Track Length (Time)
Record Icy.png 8-bit Icy 8-bit like upbeat tune. Iz a nice song.
2:18 (Fades at 2:03)
Record 23.png 23 8-bit like song with a catchy tune.
2:41 (Fades at 2:34)
Record r51.png r51vWLcxy9jo1Nvi
(Or sometimes just called "r51")
I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens.
2:36 (Song cuts out at 2:22)

Probably more to come.

History[edit | edit source]

Official Release
2.015w48aAdded 8-bit Icy record.
Added 23 record.
Added r51 record.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This isn't the first music to be made for this mod. MCE also made a song called "Icy" for the ice dimension, but was put it way after this one.
  • However, "8-bit Icy" is the first song to be put into the mod.
  • "8-bit Icy" and "23" aren't legit 8-bit. It was made in FL Studio 12.
  • The name of the "r51" record is actually an encrypted message.