Ice Phantom

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Ice Phantom
Ice Phantom.png
In game
20 (Heart.svg × 10)
Attack Strength
3 (Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg)
Frost dimension, any light level
Common Drops
Ice shard, ice block
Rare Drops
If killed by a skeleton, it has a chance of dropping the 8-Bit Icy music disc.
Natural Equipment
Weakness to
Yes, 1-3
Idle Hurt Death
First Seen

The ice phantom was briefly discussed. It was thought up after the frost dimension when MCE decided he wanted to put in mobs. The reason it's "phantom" is because "wraith" has already been used many times, and just doesn't sound as good anymore. This mob is hostile, and will spawn in the frost dimension. It has "ears" coming from it's head, therefore kind of looks like it could be tamed to make an interesting pet. MCE has discussed about making this a pet with the other developers of the mod.

It drops 0-2 ice shards, and 0-1 ice blocks. MCE has sent out a picture of this mob in the program Techne. [1] MCE tweeted out that the ice phantom can be tamed, and it acts like a dog, fighting what hurts you or what you punch. He made his pet ice phantom kill a wild ice phantom. [2]

History[edit | edit source]

Official Release
2.015w11aAdded ice phantom.
15w49aAdded sounds.
16w08aFixed ice phantom sounds, they should work now.
16w13aIce phantom can spawn in the frost biomes naturally now. :D
Fixed crash error when you spawn an ice phantom in, log off, then log onto the world. Said something about particles..
16w14aFixed server crash with custom particles for the ice phantom.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug; 15w11a - 15w49a: At random times, the mob will go invisible.
Bug; 15w11a - 16w08a: Sometimes if you spawn one in, and log off, when you go to log back on, you crash.
Bug; 15w49a: Even though there's sounds, they don't play in game.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a design for a mod shirt that has ice phantoms on it, but it has not been made yet.
  • MCE did a weird breathing in sound, and edited it to make the ice phantom sounds.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]