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These are events that have happened with the More Blocks Mod/IDT Mod.

Crash of 2014

The "Crash of 2014" as it is called happened after the Beta 1.9.1 release of the mod. The day was January 29th, late at night, about 10 or so. The developer (MCE626) wasn't programming the mod at this time. The computer blue screened, which it has done before a few times. After starting up again, it said something about disk checking, which also has done many times before. So a key was pressed before it continued and the PC skipped it. Usually nothing happens, even if it goes though with the disk check, but this time something totally screwed up. After doing that "Starting Windows" thing, it came to a screen, but instead of having all the accounts, it showed a box saying new username and password. The computer totally wiped everything off. Not just MCE's account, but all of the accounts. It was a shared laptop so the family's accounts were on there, but MCE used it a lot and no one else really used it. Everything was gone. The intro for videos, thumbnails for videos, animations, minecraft worlds, programs, installed games, and the mod. Before this happened he tried to make a backup on a 2 terabyte HDD, but for some reason it wasn't working. So, a backup was never made. He gave the laptop to CrazyGuy, who was taking a PC repair class, for him to fix it. He and the class tried many things, but nothing seemed to work.

After a while, MCE gave up on trying to recover the stuff. He didn't let this mishap keep him from modding. He got the programs again and started the reprogramming of the mod. Now that the computer was to an extent fixed, he could make backups on that external HDD. So he did. Then the computer crapped out again. He started it up onetime and it just gave a black screen. That was it. He thought this time it really screwed up and maybe the main HDD was trashed. Right after that, he said that can't be, because it still said the "Starting Windows". If the HDD was scratched, it would not have even gotten to the PC manufacture's logo. But, he was still worried. He tried rebooting it a few times. He finally started in safe mode and got it to show things. During this he manually backed some things up, just in case if something happened. Again, MCE gave it to CrazyGuy to fix, and he tried several things. Nothing worked, but CrazyGuy did say what the problem was. It was something with the graphics card or drivers. They tried more things, and even contacted the old PC repair teacher, but nothing seemed to work. Even though it doesn't start in safe mode anymore, everything on the screen was bigger, as if it was in safe mode. No it doesn't have to do with the screen resolution, as they did mess with that. He couldn't run minecraft, or any game really, so he couldn't mod on the laptop. He then went to the desktop that no one really uses, and started to mod form there.

The Renaming

After the crash of 2014, MCE redid the mod. Then he decided to name the mod something else as he wanted to add dimensions and mobs. That doesn't make sense if the mod is called "More Blocks Mod". Also, the one who made the More Blocks Mod for the Beta versions of minecraft just randomly updated their mod to 1.8 version of minecraft. But by that time it didn't matter as MCE already decided to rename his mod. The announcement of the renaming was on twitter (9/10/2014). [1] And a day later on his mod news.[2]

The first announcement of the new name, however, was also posted on his mod news, but was done on 11/25/2014. [3] All he listed at the bottom of the post was IDT, not even explaining what it meant. It was most likely explained in a twitter post, but it has not been found yet.