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This is the list of achievements that are in the mod. In order of how they are registered in the code.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

IconAchievementIn-game descriptionPrerequisitesOtherVersion Added
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Willow Wood.pngMore Woods?!Get any of the mod woodsTaking InventoryObtain either the willow, ebony, silkwood or gelid logs to get the achievement. Also unlocks the normal minecraft wood achievement.15w11a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Willow Planks.pngMore Plank Colors?!Get any of the mod wooden planksMore Wood?!Craft either willow, ebony, silkwood or gelid planks.15w11a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Crying Obsidian.pngPoor ObsidianCraft crying obsidianDIAMONDS!15w11a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Cement.pngYay! Uses for Gravel!Obtain cementHot TopicSmelt gravel in the furnace.15w11a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Cement Bricks.pngGettin' Fancy Here!Craft cement bricksYay! Uses for Gravel!15w11a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Crystal Ore.pngRare Ores!Obtain crystal ore, gem, nugget, piece or dustAcquire Hardware15w11a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Essence of Life.pngMagical Stuff?Obtain essence of life, water, fire, earth or airRare Ores!15w11a/2.0
Achievement-fancy.pngGrid Healer.pngLaugh in the Face of DeathCraft a healer blockMagical Stuff?15w11a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Zimphnode.pngZimphnodeNo one really knows what this is...Getting an Upgrade15w11a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Zimphnode Bar.pngZimphnode BarNo really, what is this stuff?Zimphnode15w11a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid ZNG.pngZimphnode GeneratorHow? How does this work?Zimphnode Bar15w11a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Steel Ingot.pngAs Strong as SteelObtain a steel ingotSmelteringIn versions 15w40a and above, this is achieved in the Smelter. Versions below 15w51a needs the prerequisite of Acquire Hardware.15w11a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Titanium Ingot.pngStronger than SteelObtain a titanium ingotAs Strong as SteelIn versions 15w40a and above, this is achieved in the Smelter.15w11a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Vanadium Ingot.pngStrong MetalVanadium is one of MCE's favorite elements!DIAMONDS!15w18a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Praseodymium Ore.pngPrase--What?How the hell do I say that?Acquire Hardware15w18a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Vanadium Pickaxe.pngBetter than DiamondCraft a vanadium pickaxeStrong Metal15w30a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Tantalum Ingot.pngFireproof MetalObtain a tantalum ingotAcquire Hardware15w30a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Tantalum Helmet.pngFireproof MetalCraft tantalum armorFireproof Metal15w30a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Didymium Glass.pngDidym--What?Ok really? How do you even?Prase--What?15w30a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Super Reactor.pngSuper ChargedCraft a super reactorStronger than Steel15w30a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Ultimate Nuker.pngMega-BombCraft an ultimate nukerSuper Charged15w30a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Matter Condenser.pngCompressed to all HellCraft a matter condenserStrong Metal15w30a/2.0
Achievement-fancy.pngGrid Dark Matter.pngThe Darkest Matter EverMake dark matterA Piece of.. SomethingFinally can get the achievement in snapshots 16w15a and above.15w30a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Crystal Block.pngExpensive BlockCraft a crystal blockRare Ores!15w30a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Diamond Saw Blade.pngDiamond Tipped SawCraft a diamond saw bladeDIAMONDS!15w40a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Industrial Cutter.pngPro CutterCraft an industrial cutterDiamond Tipped Saw15w40a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Cut Crystal Gem.pngSo PrettyCut a crystal gemPro CutterAchieved in the Industrial Cutter.15w40a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid BioFuel Extractor.pngGreen ChemistryCraft a bio-fuel extractorStrong Metal15w40a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Tank Compressor.pngKompressorCraft a tank compressorStrong Metal15w40a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Nitroglycerin.pngWarfare ChemistMake nitroglycerinStrong Metal15w40a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Uranium Glass.pngIs it Safe?Craft uranium glassAcquire Hardware15w43a/2.0
Achievement-fancy.pngGrid Frozen Stone.pngFrostbyteGo to the frost dimensionNoneMake a portal for the frost dimension and go in it.16w06a/2.0
Achievement-fancy.pngGrid Crystal Block.pngCrystallineGo to the crystal dimensionExpensive BlockMake a portal for the crystal dimension and go in it.16w06a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Smelter.pngSmelteringCraft a smelterHot Topic16w06a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Copper Ingot.pngA Very Common Metal!Obtain a copper ingotHot Topic16w15a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Silicon Dust.pngDust Free ZoneObtain silicon dustPro CutterAchieved in the Industrial Cutter.16w15a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Transistor.pngTransistingCraft a transistorDust Free Zone16w15a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Microchip.pngICBCraft a microchipTransisting16w15a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Circuit Board Tier 1.pngBasic Circuit BoardCraft a tier 1 circuit boardA Very Common Metal!16w15a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Circuit Board Tier 2.pngBetter Than Tier 1Craft a tier 2 circuit boardTransisting16w15a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Circuit Board Tier 3.pngThe Advanced BoardCraft a tier 3 circuit boardICB16w15a/2.0
Achievement-fancy.pngGrid Dark Matter Piece.pngA Piece of.. SomethingObtain a dark matter pieceCompressed to all HellAchieved in the Matter Condenser.16w15a/2.0
Achievement-fancy.pngGrid Quantum Manipulator.pngQuantum ManCraft a quantum manipulatorA Piece of.. Something16w15a/2.0
Achievement-fancy.pngGrid Grade A Compressor Unit.pngCompress all the Things!Craft a grade A compressorSo Pretty16w15a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Crystal Gem.pngHardcore CraftingCraft a crystal gem. How long did that take?Rare Ores!16w15a/2.0
Achievement-fancy.pngGrid Black Hole Generator.pngRuler of PhysicsCraft a black hole generatorQuantum Man16w15a/2.0
Achievement-plain.pngGrid Blowtorch.pngFix it! Fix it! Fix it!Repair a tech block with a blowtorchGreen ChemistryObtained by repairing any tech block with the blowtorch.16w15a/2.0